This is just a sampling of important projects that are waiting to happen. Your involvement just could be what pushes these projects out of the planning stages and onto the street.

  • Advocating for construction of the Monterey Bay Sanctuary Scenic Trail Network, in conjunction with Friends of the Rail & Trail. The corridor was acquired in October 2012, and the Trail Network Master Plan was approved in November 2013. Two trail segments were funded in December 2013 and should be completed by 2017 - Westside Santa Cruz from Natural Bridges Drive to the Wharf, and in Watsonville near Beach Road.
  • Building a bike path connecting Broadway and Brommer Streets: after decades of work, the trail is expected to be completed in November 2014. 
  • Mar Vista Bike-Pedestrian Bridge: the EIR for a bridge spanning Highway 1 at Mar Vista in Aptos, is scheduled to be approved early 2015.
  • Supporting Safe Routes of School projects leading to the San Lorenzo High campus in Felton. 
  • Assisting Rails to Trails in designing the section of rail trail between Santa Cruz and Felton.
  • Supporting efforts to create car-free space on Pacific Avenue and prevent the conversion of Pacific Ave. to two-way traffic.
  • Continuing educational efforts regarding sensible and sustainable transportation.
Building the Rail Trail