Projects - Successes








  • Completion of the Beach Street bike lanes
  • Handed out dozens of free bikes to Metro riders, with the collaboration of the City of Santa Cruz and Metro drivers
  • Worked with the City of Santa Cruz and the Oceanview Condominium Association to form an agreement to keep the Ocean View Path open to pedestrian and bicycle traffic.
  • Worked with the City of Santa Cruz to keep speed limits down to 25 miles per hour on residential streets.


  • Launched a major campaign for bike lanes on Soquel Avenue, between Seabright and Capitola, which resulted in approval of the lanes. The City Public Works Department is currently planning the project.
  • Supported the temporary conta-flow lane connecting High Street with the freeway overpass has been used since 2001.
  • Created and staffed educational booths and tables at dozens of events including Earth Day, Bike to Work Day, and the Farmer's Market.


  • Campaigned for a contra-flow bike path/lane on Beach Street. The lanes have been painted temporarily, and a permanent plan has been approved by City Council.


  • Pressed for changes in the zoning ordinances reducing the requirements for automobile parking. In response, the city now allows homeowners to convert garages into legal housing. Wrote, and lobbied for approval, an ordinance requiring bike parking for new businesses.
  • published guide to bicycle advocacy groups in the United States, with articles on how to be a successful advocacy group.
  • Successfully advocated for bike lanes on Front Street, Bay Street and other locations.


  • Co-founded the Hub for Sustainable Transportation, a resource center for human powered transportation in downtown Santa Cruz.


  • Stopped plans to replace the bike path with a road through the Great Meadow at UC Santa Cruz.
  • Organized several anti-oil war bicycle rides including a 90-mile ride to protests in San Francisco, in which over one hundred people participated.
  • Successfully lobbied the local Metro Bus service to provide bike racks on buses.
  • The city and county have public works staff specifically dedicated to bicycle projects thanks, in part, to our lobbying efforts.