Valet Bike Parking

People Power’s secure valet bike parking is a great way to promote healthy, sustainable transportation to and from your event.

If you host events where any of your guests arrive on bikes, Valet Bike Parking makes a great addition to the program. We have years of experience parking bikes at events throughout Santa Cruz County.

Interested in Valet Bike Parking for your event?

For pricing and availability, or to volunteer to help park bikes, contact us at (831) 425-0665 or

How it Works

Valet Bike Parking works just like a coat check. Riders are given a tag when their bike is parked. Bikes are stored in a secure enclosure during the event, and riders retrieve their bike when they return with thier tag.

Benefits of Valet Bike Parking

Clean Event Appearance

Valet Bike Parking gives folks an easy place to park their bikes, making them less likely to lock to poles and fences.

Increase Attendance at your Event

Easy and guaranteed bike parking helps attract visitors by giving them a secure place to leave their bikes.

Reduce Parking Issues

Make guests feel like VIPs by letting them pull right up to the front entrance—no circling for a parking space required.

Professional Service

Our staff will work with you in advance to determine the best space for Valet Bike Parking, and we take care of the rest! We handle set-up and tear down, oversee the parking site during your event and we carry liability insurance.

Past Valet Bike Parking Events