From explicit culture and arts, bustling entertainment, tasty variety of food, perfect weather, and versatile way of life – it’s hard for yourself to look for more in Los Angeles.

Because of these tempting perks, LA has become a place where wishes and dreams come true. This attracts people from different corners of the nation, trying to jumpstart their careers.

However, LA is among the most expensive cities in all of America. If you’re not careful, your pockets will quickly go empty. So before deciding, here’s an evaluation of the living costs in the city.

Moving Costs for People in a Budget

Whether you’re moving for residency or office, locally or across the border, it’s always an exciting experience that brings along newfound opportunities. But first things first, take your budget into account. You will spend money on moving, regardless if you do it yourself or with professionals.

From this, relocating on your own most likely saves you cash upfront. But unless carefully executed and planned, your chance of spending extra resources is higher. So if ever you decide to move on your own, make sure you have the right equipment, adequate assistance, flexible schedule, and overall, ready for some working stress.

However, although it’s perfectly fine to move on your own, hiring movers is more advisable. Why? Firstly, they’re professionals with the appropriate skills and years of experience in the industry. It only goes to say that they know the job better than you do. Second, they can move items faster and safer than you, no matter the distance. Lastly, why stress yourself? With the help of a moving company, you can get your head off some stuff and focus on other essential businesses.

To make it even better, doing quick research on the internet should suffice to find the best moving companies in your area. Furthermore, getting a rough estimate on the hourly moving rates of companies is not a problem with the help of trusted websites. 

Take your budget into account.

Living Costs in LA

Perhaps the most important thing to consider when moving to another place is the living costs. This is especially true when headed to one of the most expensive cities in the US. But how much would you be making while working full-time in LA?  According to Living Wage, single adults need a job that pays at least $12 per hour. But that’s only the minimum. You’ll have to earn $19.35 hourly to lead a comfortable life. A family of three with one working adult should make about $39.06 an hour to support the household and its necessities.

The most important thing to consider when moving to another place is the living costs.

Real estate

Los Angeles has high prices for its real estate, although not more than NYC and San Francisco. If you’re looking to buy a house, the median sales price sits at $913,754. If you plan to rent like most LA residents, a two-bedroom apartment costs $1,752 per month. If you find it hard to look for a home, you can always check out listings on craigslist or Zillow.


The cost of groceries depends entirely on how much you consume. Less is obviously cheaper, so a single individual will spend less than a family. But keep in mind even if you’re on your own, LA is a place where most things are expensive. On the national average, groceries in the City of Angels are 4.1% higher. So for this, you’ll either have to improve your income or be wise in balancing your budget.


For a breather, utilities in LA cost lower. Electricity, water, and heat will only take you an estimated total of $130 a month and additional pay for the internet plan on top of it. If you don’t want to spend all your money on utilities, avoid homes and apartments with unnecessary extra space as it’ll take up more energy.


Transportation follows the same trend in Los Angeles when talking about the prices. With over 4 million residents, can you imagine the amount of traffic that plagues this city? As per the Living Wage estimates, a single adult needs about $4,900 per year just by getting around the city. For a family of three, the costs soar up to an annual average of $11,186. Luckily, saving up is always an option. You can minimize transportation charges by going to a home near your workplace and your child’s school. 

Health Care

LA’s expensive aspect also extends to the medical field. On this matter, based on Living Wage, an average adult will likely spend $2,545 annually, while a family with two adults and a child needs about $8,011 a year. However, in the event of major accidents or illnesses, your spending will definitely increase.

Moving to LA

Los Angeles is a great city for new beginnings. Even though things can get pricey, the benefits can often be worthwhile, depending on how you see them. If there’s no stopping you now, be sure to remember all the things listed above. 

Even though things can get pricey, the benefits can often be worthwhile.

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