With close to 40 million people, California has the largest population of any U.S. state. Though we rank 1st in size, you might be surprised to discover that we rank 49th in terms of per capita energy consumption. The most recent data released by the U.S. Energy Information Administration suggests that California’s desirable ranking is primarily attributable to our mild climate and energy efficient programs. Also, factor in that in recent decades, our state has focused attention on renewable energy resources such as biomass, geothermal, and solar energy. While this is certainly something to be proud of, we must continue our focus on sustainable power to ensure we leave a beautiful California for future generations to enjoy.

People Power Santa Cruz was originally formed by a group of environmentally-conscious Santa Cruz residents focused on “people powered” bike transportation. Using a bicycle for daily commuting means less fuel burned, more energy saved, and fewer resources consumed. The original effort to get more cars off the streets of Santa Cruz, and more people on their bikes has been a huge success. Today, People Power Santa Cruz has expanded its efforts to include the greater San Francisco area. On our blog, you’ll not only get find tips on cycling, but you’ll also find resources for living a more environmentally-aware life – from composting to information on solar energy to recycling tips. We invite you to join us in making the California of tomorrow even greener!