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How Much Money Should I Have to Move to LA?

From explicit culture and arts, bustling
entertainment, tasty variety of food, perfect weather, and versatile way of
life – it’s hard for yourself to look for more in Los Angeles.

Because of these tempting perks, LA has
become a place where wishes and dreams come true. This attracts people from
different corners of the nation, trying to jumpstart their careers.

However, LA is among the most expensive
cities in all of America. If you’re not careful, your pockets will quickly go
empty. So before deciding, here’s an evaluation of the living costs in the

Moving Costs for People in a

Whether you’re moving for residency or
office, locally or across the border, it’s always an exciting experience that
brings along newfound opportunities. But first things first, take your budget into
account. You will spend money on moving, regardless if you do it yourself or
with professionals.

From this, relocating on your own most
likely saves you cash upfront. But unless carefully executed and planned, your
chance of spending extra resources is higher. So if ever you decide to move on
your own, make sure you have the right equipment, adequate assistance, flexible
schedule, and overall, ready for some working stress.

However, although it’s perfectly fine to
move on your own, hiring movers is more advisable. Why? Firstly, they’re
professionals with the appropriate skills and years of experience in the
industry. It only goes to say that they know the job better than you do.
Second, they can move items faster and safer than you, no matter the distance.
Lastly, why stress yourself? With the help of a moving company, you can get
your head off some stuff and focus on other essential businesses.

To make it even better, doing quick research on the internet should suffice to find the best moving companies in your area. Furthermore, getting a rough estimate on the hourly moving rates of companies is not a problem with the help of trusted websites. 

Take your budget into account.

Living Costs in LA

Perhaps the most important thing to consider when moving to another place is the living costs. This is especially true when headed to one of the most expensive cities in the US. But how much would you be making while working full-time in LA?  According to Living Wage, single adults need a job that pays at least $12 per hour. But that’s only the minimum. You’ll have to earn $19.35 hourly to lead a comfortable life. A family of three with one working adult should make about $39.06 an hour to support the household and its necessities.

The most important thing to consider when moving to another place is the living costs.

Real estate

Los Angeles has high prices for its real
estate, although not more than NYC and San Francisco. If you’re looking to buy
a house, the median sales price sits at $913,754. If you plan to rent like most LA
residents, a two-bedroom apartment costs $1,752 per month. If you find it hard
to look for a home, you can always check out listings on craigslist or Zillow.


The cost of groceries depends entirely
on how much you consume. Less is obviously cheaper, so a single individual will
spend less than a family. But keep in mind even if you’re on your own, LA is a
place where most things are expensive. On the national average, groceries in
the City of Angels are 4.1% higher. So for this, you’ll either have to
improve your income or be wise in balancing your budget.


For a breather, utilities in LA cost
water, and heat will only take you an estimated total of $130 a month and
additional pay for the internet plan on top of it. If you don’t want to spend
all your money on utilities, avoid homes and apartments with unnecessary extra
space as it’ll take up more energy.


Transportation follows the same trend in
Los Angeles when talking about the prices. With over 4 million residents, can
you imagine the amount of traffic that plagues this city? As per the Living
Wage estimates, a single adult needs about $4,900 per year just by getting
around the city. For a family of three, the costs soar up to an annual average
of $11,186. Luckily, saving up is always an option. You can minimize
transportation charges by going to a home near your workplace and your child’s

Health Care

LA’s expensive aspect also extends to
the medical field. On this matter, based on Living Wage, an average adult will
likely spend $2,545 annually, while a family with two adults and a child needs
about $8,011 a year. However, in the event of major accidents or illnesses,
your spending will definitely increase.

Moving to LA

Los Angeles is a great city for new beginnings. Even though things can get pricey, the benefits can often be worthwhile, depending on how you see them. If there’s no stopping you now, be sure to remember all the things listed above. 

Even though things can get pricey, the benefits can often be worthwhile.

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Moving Soon? Ways You Can Make Your Move More Eco-Friendly

If you’re committed to reducing your carbon footprint, there are many changes you can make in your lifestyle to reduce your impact on the environment. One area that’s easy to overlook is your move. There’s no doubt that moving is stressful, but consider the amount of packing supplies and gasoline involved in the average move. When it comes to your next household move, here’s how you can make a conscious effort to choose eco-friendly materials, use supplies, and reduce carbon emissions during the long transport.


#1. Choose Reusable Boxes

Boxes, tape, and packing material aren’t just expensive; they can also end up in a landfill. Instead, consider investing in reusable bins to transport your belongings. If you don’t need many after your move, another option is a returnable packing box service that allows you to return the storage containers when you’re done with moving. Many moving companies are now catching on that consumers want more eco-friendly solutions; you may find a mover who rents recycled plastic bins.

#2. Use Recycled Boxes

Sometimes plastic bins aren’t a reasonable solution, and there are no alternatives in your area. If you’re going to move with cardboard boxes, make sure they’re recycled. According to data published by Allstate, the typical American household uses 60 cardboard boxes to complete a move. It takes a half ton (1000 pound) tree to produce that much cardboard. Yikes! If that already doesn’t sound like a lot, consider that the average American moves 11 times and uses 660 cardboard boxes to do it — which works out to 5.5 tons of wood per person just for moving.

Look for ads for used moving boxes, ask your friends if they have any empty boxes at home, and choose boxes that are already made from recycled materials.

#3. Ditch the Plastic Wrap, Peanuts, and Foam

There are plenty of environmentally-friendly, biodegradable alternatives to harmful plastic packing materials and they’re just as effective. Instead of packing peanuts, which are usually made from a non-recyclable material called polystyrene, use old newspapers or starch-based peanuts which are fully biodegradable.

#4. Get a Truck that Runs on Bio-Fuel

The type of fuel used by your moving company plays a big role in determining how green they are. Biodiesel fuel is animal fat or vegetable oil-based diesel fuel, and it’s the first clean-burning and renewable replacement for diesel fuel in the United States. Many moving companies have converted their fleet to run on biodiesel fuel, and they are usually advertised as green or eco-friendly movers. Book your move through SF Moving Company – Cheap Movers San Francisco and ask about environmentally-friendly options.

#5. Donate Before Moving

While planning for a big move is the perfect time to get rid of the belongings you don’t need, tossing out your unwanted junk will only contribute to landfill waste.

Whenever possible, donate goods to charitable organizations like the Salvation Army, Goodwill, and Habitat for Humanity. If you have a larger donation, the organization may even arrange to come to your house to pick it up. This is especially important when it comes to furniture, the least-recycled household item which accounts for about 9.8 million tons of waste in U.S. landfills.

#6. Recycle What You Can’t Donate

Recycling is about much more than cardboard boxes, plastic bottles, and soda cans in your recycling bin. Many items in your home can be recycled rather than trashed before your move, but some will require dropping off at a special recycling center. Before tossing, check your area for recycling programs that can accept:

  • Electronics like computers and cords
  • Paint cans
  • Appliances like microwaves, refrigerators, and TVs
  • Batteries


Reasons to Go Solar After Moving to California

When I moved to California 5 years ago, I was shocked by the sheer amount of sunshine this beautiful state receives. As the moving company long distance crew was still unloading the moving truck from my Los Angeles interstate move, I was already contemplating how quickly I could get solar panels installed on my roof. In Maine, where I moved from, there are simply not enough days of sun to make solar panels practical. So, you can imagine my excitement when I moved to Cali and discovered its booming solar industry. Within a month of my relocation, my solar panels were installed and harnessing the sun’s energy to power my house. I couldn’t be happier with my decision! For those that are new to the area, here are five reasons why you should jump on the solar energy train after a move to the Golden State.

Save Money

One of the main reasons why Californians switch from traditional sources of electricity to solar energy is to save money. Energy produced from the sun can provide you and your family with endless power, and it’s nice when you can pay less than what you’re used to due to a solar-powered home. You can even extend solar energy to different parts of your house, including lighting, water heating and cooling, and other different technologies. And since solar panels are low maintenance and can last up to 20-30 years without needing inspection, you can save a lot of money on repairs as well.
California is a prime state for solar panel installations because many cities experience 200+ days of sunshine annually.

Create Jobs

When you invest in solar energy, you’re also helping to create numerous jobs for your fellow Californians. The Solar Foundation has reported that employment in the solar industry has increased 12 times faster than the overall economy in 2015, and has continued to grow since. And to support the economy, provide for your community, and keep higher-paying jobs within the state, it’s best to transition to solar energy.
Installing solar panels on your roof may help lower your monthly energy bill, plus it’s sustainable, which means it’s better for the environment. A win-win for everyone!

Help the Environment

Making the switch to using solar-powered electricity is good for the environment as it’s naturally produced by the sun. Other sources of energy such as gasoline or coal can release harmful gasses that can both damage the atmosphere and contribute to the rising issue of global warming. Solar energy is a clean source of power and can benefit everyone on the planet. A basic solar panel system in a residential home can even eliminate up to four tons of gas emissions each year, which is the equivalent of you personally planting 100 trees every single year. And since solar energy isn’t obtained by drilling, digging or mining, you also don’t have to worry about it running out after a certain number of years.

Increase Property Values

With more and more people transitioning to solar energy, homebuyers in California are quickly realizing that solar panels add tremendous value to a property. In fact, homes with integrated solar technology tend to sell quicker and at a higher price than homes without. And as the availability and use of solar panels continue to increase, the real estate market will follow suit and set higher prices for houses with solar panels. Even though you might have just moved to the area, it’s never too early to start thinking about building equity in one of the biggest investments you have: your home.

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